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SOS International is one of the leading assistance organisations in the Nordic region. From alarm centres in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, SOS International provides acute assistance all over the world, night and day, all year round. 

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SOS International has a comprehensive network of qualified suppliers and partners all over the world.

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Established Nordic provider of healthcare services

SOS International is an established Nordic provider of healthcare services. We are a supplier to, among others, insurance companies and municipalities, and we offer several services with a focus on prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Our professional network is built up in such a way as to cover geographically the entire country and the whole Nordic region. We have a focus on providing the right competencies for the right treatment.

We are always looking for competent therapists for our network, for example:

  • Physiotherapists, chiropractors
  • Psychologists, psychiatrists
  • Medical specialists, nurses
  • Social workers, health coaches, HR specialists, lawyers, economists

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Network Denmark
Network Sweden
Network Norway

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We want to develop the future services within the roadside assistance market

As a part of SOS International’s roadside assistance network, you become part of one of the leading assistance organisations in the Nordics. We have several years of experience within the roadside assistance business, and we provide comprehensive roadside assistance services for all types of vehicles – home or abroad – round the clock, 365 days a year.

We have already established roadside assistance network in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland and each year we handle 2 million calls.

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John Dokken, Network Manager, Mobility Norway
Tel.: +47 915 78 734

Ville Saarimaa, Network Manager, Mobility Finland
Tel.: +35 850 361 8200

Jeppe Damgaard, Technical Manager, Mobility Denmark
Tel.: +45 40224806

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Our Worldwide Medical Network

SOS International's travel assistance is carried out in collaboration with a worldwide medical network of carefully selected suppliers and partners including hospitals, clinics, ambulance companies, foreign assistance companies and embassies.

Our network is present all over the world and we thoroughly evaluate, rate and quality assure all our partners to ensure the best possible quality treatment to the end-users and the best possible claims cost level for our customers.

Would you like to be part of our comprehensive medical network?

For enquiries regarding partnerships, business opportunities and questions in general, please contact us at

Our Travelcare business area

For Medical Facilities
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For suppliers /Medical facilities

Report a new case
As a supplier, i.e., hospital or clinic, you can report a new case at our Supplier Portal.

Create new case (for hospitals/clinics)

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Network - Psychology Sweden
Inger Broberg
Network - Psychology Denmark
Network - Psychology Norway
Tel +47 908 48 637
Network - Physical treatment Sweden
Isabelle Wennberg
Network - Physical treatment Sweden.
Sara Gottfridsson
Network - Medical Sweden
Sara Mellbin


John Dokken
Network Manager, Mobility Division Norway
Tel +47 915 78 734
Ville Saarimaa
Network Manager, Mobility Division Finland
Tel +35 850 361 8200
Jeppe Damgaard
Technical Manager
Tel +45 40224806


Line Hein
Head of International Network
Tel +45 7010 5055

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