We assist Nordic travellers all over the world through a 24/7 alarm centre

Travel and medical assistance is one of the core services of SOS International.

As a reliable outsourcing partner we provide comprehensive travel assistance services before, during, and after a trip – whether business or pleasure. 

SOS International’s white label services are customised to the specific needs of the customer and we offer the optimal balance between innovative digital solutions and personal touch. 

Our services

Travel Assistance

Illness or injury creates anxiety and insecurity which can ruin any holiday or business trip.

Our 24/7 alarm centre is ready to provide comprehensive travel assistance services ranging from medical advice and guidance on preferred medical facilities to medical emergencies that requires immediate hospitalisation or medical evacuation. 

Claims Handling

By leaving the handling of your insurance claims to SOS International, your customers experience a single point-of-contact and digitally handled reimbursement.

You experience a cheaper and more cost-reducing solution.

Pre-departure services

Before a trip, SOS International provides a pre-departure medical assessment of the insured in order to evaluate whether or not the insured is eligible for a full coverage under the applicable insurance terms.

Expatriate services

Expatriate services meet the requirements of organisations whose employees have chosen to live and work abroad for extended periods of time. 

SOS International provides the services and assistance necessary to ensure clients that employees can effectively carry out their work abroad – and that they can feel secure while doing so.

Crisis, Risk & Security

SOS International’s Crisis, Risk & Security services are designed to help companies prepare, plan and care for employees, who require personal assistance because of a crisis or a security situation home or abroad.

Crisis, Risk & Security

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Contact us

For business opportunities or partnerships, please contact

Charlotte Bjerregaard
Commercial Director, Travelcare Division, Denmark, Sweden & Finland
Tel +45 2311 4764
Christer Jensen
Commercial Director, Travelcare Division, Norway
Tel +47 9082 4851
Line Hein
Head of International Network
Tel +45 2974 3528
Are you insurance holder and going on a trip?
Contact our Pre-departure service
Tel +45 3848 8250
Are you insurance holder and returned from a trip?
Contact our Claims support
Tel +45 3848 8642

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