Truck towing and other forms of heavy towing

Heavy towing – Roadside assistance anytime and anywhere

We offer heavy towing and other forms of roadside assistance for your heavy vehicles around the clock. Contact us if e.g. you want us to tow your truck or receive any other type of roadside assistance.

In addition to heavy towing, we also provide other services within roadside assistance such as starting aid for 24-volt batteries, hose repairs and in case of hydraulic problems, etc.

If your heavy vehicle has overturned, we can assist with lifting pads and a crane to get your vehicle right-side up again.

We, or one of our partners in tyre repair, can even carry out an on-site tyre change in the event of a puncture or replacement at a tyre workshop.

Sweden+46 0771 08660866
Denmark: +45 7010 8090
Norway: +47 915 09505
Finland: +358 0600 02200

What should you do if your heavy-duty vehicle needs roadside assistance?

To get acute roadside assistance, call SOS International and state the following information:

  • Your name
  • The registration number of your vehicle and/or trailer

Be sure to wear a reflective vest and stay in a safe place while waiting for help to arrive.

Towing to specific workshops

If you wish for your vehicle to be towed to a specific workshop this is no problem.

In that case, just provide the address when booking or ask the operator for help to find the right workshop for your needs. 

Through SOS International, you can get help on the road regardless of the problem.

Call SOS International for heavy-duty truck towing or other roadside assistance





What type of assistance do we offer?

As a roadside assistance provider for heavy-duty vehicles, we offer on-site repair if possible. Our heavy-towing assistance network has solid experience with repairing the most common faults on-site.

In case of more serious issues, we will tow your truck or vehicle to a workshop or to your preferred service partner.

In case of a rolled-over vehicle, we help to redistribute cargo and general cargo.

The price of roadside assistance and heavy towing

The price of roadside assistance and heavy towing

You do not need a subscription or an insurance to take advantage of our roadside assistance and heavy towing.

The price of roadside assistance varies depending on the scope of the job.

Our unique payment solutions mean that we can also help foreign-registered vehicles to ensure that they have a heavy-duty tow truck available quickly.

Contact us and we will tell you more.

We provide quick assistance

In an emergency, we provide quick assistance

The SOS International alarm centre is manned by knowledgeable and dedicated staff who ensure that you get the best possible roadside assistance.

Whether you want heavy towing in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki or Oslo, we will help you. Our roadside assistance network is found throughout the Nordic countries providing on-call assistances around the clock.

Our assistance network knows the local area, workshops and other things that may help you move on quickly.

We act quickly when misfortune strikes, and you need roadside assistance or other roadside services. The SOS International alarm centre is manned around the clock.

We are ready to help – call SOS International. 

Special transportation

In addition to assistance of heavy vehicles and light trucks, we are also at your service with machine and special transportation which require heavy towing.