Growing healthcare services: Medical advice on behalf of Gjensidige

SOS International continues its rapid growth in Healthcare. From September, in addition to psychology and physiotherapy treatments, SOS International also delivers medical advice on behalf of Gjensidige in Sweden.

SOS International has thus attained the role of full-service provider of its healthcare services. Providing both medical advice, psychological counselling and physical treatment has been a conscious strategic goal, says Johan Rudqvist, who is Country Manager for SOS International Healthcare in Sweden:

- When a customer chooses us as their full-service provider, they get a partner and a provider who takes on the overall responsibility. We handle all steps in the process: From preparing a case to coordinating treatment and paying any invoices, as well as measuring the effect of the treatment and customer satisfaction. Providing all parts of health insurance creates opportunities for a consistent customer experience and to offer cross-functional benefits.

Medical staff providing advice and guidance
SOS International has long provided psychological aid and physiotherapy as part of its healthcare solutions. With medical advice, the patient comes into direct contact with qualified medical staff from the very outset who can provide guidance and identify the right treatment.

In practical terms, the patient comes into direct contact with medical staff via a medical hotline – by telephone or through another digital medium. Based on a description of symptoms and issues, the staff will put together the right course of treatment.

Effective treatment and improved case flow
By taking on responsibility for the entire process – from the first enquiry to the final invoice - SOS International wishes to create a quality-assured customer journey and effective treatment for the patient.

- When we are overall responsible, we are also able to optimise the flow of the case management and, thus, reduce the total costs for our customers, says Johan Rudqvist.

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