SOS International tightens its grip on the electric car market

The electric car market is growing fast. More and more car manufacturers in various segments are launching electric vehicles. And many of them partner with SOS International for roadside assistance and claims services. 

- Our investment in really understanding the particular needs of an electric car means that SOS International has won many new contracts recently, says Anders Jansson, Sales Manager at SOS International Mobility Division Sweden.

It is a question of safety, and a good understanding of the new types of risks inherent with electric cars that have been in an accident. Calling roadside assistance can be vital, to protect the driver and others from danger. SOS International’s Swedish roadside assistance network therefore receives regular training, and soon all of them will have completed the two-day course arranged in partnership with Training Partner in Arlandastad.

- More and more calls involve electric cars. But we also have to help with the injured, says Markku Reinikainen, Network Manager at SOS International in Sweden.

Electric and hybrid cars
Many more Swedish motorists are going for electric and hybrid cars to move with the times and to cut CO2 emissions. The EU has decided to ban the sale of internal combustion engine cars after 2035, which has really given a boost to production and differentiation. There is now an electric car to suit just about all purposes and budgets. 

SOS International has already partnered with over a dozen electric car manufacturers, and more are on the way. Services for charging stations are also in demand, and provided by SOS International.

Apart from the purely technical aspect of being a totally different type of car, a new trend amongst owners who invest in an electric car can also be detected. Mobility is more important to them than the actual car. A new type of service is also required, along with another type of response. Flexibility and focus on the customer are vital.

- The focus used to be on the car. But the important thing now is to get people into a taxi to reach a concert in time, and collect the car later, states Reinikainen.

Special risks involved for crashed electric cars:

  • The battery can catch fire, and is very hard to put out.
  • Water can simply make matters worse. If the wires in the car are exposed, there is a major risk of electric shock.
  • Roads have to be closed off at a considerable distance from the car. And all because everything around the car has to be protected in the event of a fire or explosion.
  • Most electric cars cannot be towed, and therefore have to be recovered on a flat bed truck. Towing can cause irreparable damage to the car’s drive line and battery.

Mobility megatrends and how to meet them

Today, connected, autonomous, and shared mobility services are part of daily life and have changed the way consumers travel. 

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