Two-wheeled roadside assistance beats traditional vehicles

In heavy traffic, a mechanic on a bike is far more efficient than a mechanic in a traditional vehicle in terms of quick roadside assistance. This is the result of the experience gained by SOS Dansk Autohjælp in using custom-made roadside assistance bikes for six months.

The bikes that run on pedal power and electricity come to use when traffic is heavy in the capitol – typically on Mondays and Fridays, during weekends and for big events, which may result in heavy traffic. The evaluation after six months now shows that the bikes have outpaced the traditional roadside assistance vehicles as to the number of assistances possible during a shift in Copenhagen – when traffic is bustling.

- It evidently makes sense using the roadside assistance bikes in the capital area, where traffic conditions make it difficult for our regular vehicles. It has been a great experience and we actually consider adding more roadside assistance bikes in the capitol area, says Jan Bøjstrup Christensen, director, mobility division in Denmark.

Since the two custom-made bikes were taken into operation on the 1st of May, they have in total driven 2,370km, meaning that each bike could have driven to Oslo in Norway and back. The bikes are not used during winter when the roads are covered with snow and ice.

Apart from solving the concrete challenge of heavy traffic, the bikes support SOS International’s goal of finding more solutions to climate change.


  • The roadside assistance bikes drive around Copenhagen and Frederiksberg
  • The bikes can cover a range of 100km on one charge
  • Eight roadside assistance workers have been trained in using the bikes
  • Including equipment, each bike weighs approx. 150kg
  • The roadside assistance bikes can assist within the following areas: Emergency sealing, wheel change, opening doors, window coverage and jump-starting for both 12 and 24 volt

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