Roadside assistance goes electric

When motorists break down on the streets of Oslo, they can get help from electric service vehicles. SOS International has purchased two electric service vehicles and can provide fast road assistance while caring for the environment.

During autumn, SOS International put two electric service vehicles into operation in Oslo. The service vehicles are equipped with all necessary roadside assistance equipment and can perform the same roadside assistance tasks as traditional service vehicles:

- We are delighted to launch two electric service vehicles. Our customers have an expectation of sustainable roadside assistance, and we can now meet customers at their terms. Also, we are taking advantage of the benefits of running on electricity in the city, for example, in relation to toll crossings and the use of public transport lanes during certain periods, says Jan-Petter Schøyen, network station leader at SOS International in Norway.

Solutions to climate challenges
The electric vehicles contribute to SOS International’s desire to find more solutions to climate challenges. However, the decision to expand the roadside assistance network with electric cars has been some time coming:

- In addition to sufficient range, we need high load capacity, as our roadside assistance equipment is heavy. Now we see that the technology and performance of electric vehicles are where we can deliver our services with the same high quality in a more sustainable way, says Jan-Petter Schøyen.

No worries about the range
Customers on the road have welcomed the electric service vehicles, and SOS International’s roadside assistance workers are also enthusiastic about the electric initiative:

- The electric service vehicles have been well received by our roadside assistance workers, even though there was some worry about the range at first, says Jan-Petter Schøyen.

Road assistance supplier with environmental certification
SOS International is the only roadside assistance provider in the Nordic region to be ISO14001 certified in environmental management across the Nordic markets. The roadside assistance organisation continuously monitors technological developments with a view to replacing additional vehicles in the roadside assistance network.

Facts about the electric service vehicles

  • During autumn SOS International’s first electric service vehicle hit the road.
  • The electric service vehicles are Mercedes E Vito A2 Long Range with a range of approximately 360 km.
  • The electric service vehicles cover an area in Oslo, Asker and Bærum, as well as Lillestrøm.
  • SOS International provides roadside assistance throughout Norway and the Nordic countries on behalf of insurance companies, car manufacturers, and member organisations, among others.

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