Skiing holiday in Italy? Not without liability insurance

A fine of 150 Euros and your lift pass revoked. That could be the consequence if you don’t have valid liability insurance when you strap on your skis in Livigno or one of the other popular Italian ski resorts.

The Italian authorities have introduced a compulsory liability insurance requirement for skiing activities in Italian ski resorts. Italy is already one of the most restrictive skiing nations regarding safety.

The change in the law on compulsory insurance to cover you if you are at fault came into force in January this year.

SOS International always recommends that ski tourists check their insurance thoroughly before departure.

“Skiing holidays can be expensive if your insurance does not cover you very well. Skiing is the trip with the highest risk of being involved in an accident,” says Karin Tranberg, EVP, Travelcare, SOS International.

Check how you are covered

Besides liability insurance SOS International recommends that you have valid travel and accident insurance. When reviewing your insurance policies, it’s important to check whether skiing and repatriation are covered.

The new Italian rule applies to everyone doing skiing activities on the alpine slopes, including snowboarding and tobogganing. If you don’t have valid liability insurance, you can buy it with your lift pass at the resort, and it typically costs around 3 Euros a day.

In addition to the new law on compulsory insurance, Italy has a number of other restrictions to improve safety: Ski helmets are compulsory for under-18s, there is zero tolerance for being on the slopes under the influence of alcohol, and there are strict rules on off-piste skiing.

The Italian legislation reads: “The skier who uses the alpine ski slopes must have a valid insurance plan that covers his civil liability for damages or injuries caused to third parties.”

Checklist before going on your skiing holiday

  • Find out how you and your family are insured
  • Are skiing and repatriation covered?
  • Do you have valid liability insurance?
  • Remember to have valid EU health insurance cards
  • Consider buying cancellation insurance
  • In case of accident or illness: Contact the alarm centre first so that you can be referred to the most appropriate treatment centre

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