Are you aware of the tourist rules ahead of the summer holidays? If not, it can cost you up to 3,000 euros in fines

Summer is just around the corner, and to ensure that tourists behave properly, several countries have introduced rules for visitors. The assistance organisation SOS International guides you on what you should be aware of as a tourist.

The sandals are packed, the sunglasses are polished, and the shorts are out. It may well be that you have all the remedies ready for the summer holidays, but are you also familiar with the special rules for tourists?

- To ensure peace and order, a number of countries have started to introduce special taxes or rules for tourists visiting certain areas. And there can be large fines if you do not comply with them, says Karin Tranberg, Executive Vice President at SOS International, which helps Nordic citizens who are injured or fall ill abroad.

For some time, several countries have tried rules aimed at resorts and other places tourists go. This applies, for example, to the Balearic Islands, which include Mallorca and Ibiza, where in some places it is not allowed for all-inclusive hotels to serve more than six items per guest per day. Just as there are fines for guests who disturb public order because they are too drunk.

More and more countries are starting to introduce rules aimed directly at tourists.

When in Venice…
Venice in Italy is a favourite destination for tourists who want to see the historic city and its famous canals. But this year, the city council has introduced admission fees on a number of selected days. If a tourist is caught walking around without being able to present a valid receipt for payment, a fine of 300 euros, will be imposed.

Further south, on the Italian island of Sardinia, they are trying to combat tourists taking sand from the white beaches home as souvenirs. Here, the penalty for disposing of sand can reach as high as 3,000 euros.

By the way, you should also remember that the swimwear belongs on the beach. At least if you are visiting Barcelona or some places in Italy where it is not allowed to walk in swimwear in other public places in the cities.

- Although it is probably in special cases that tourists will be affected by the maximum fine, it is important to be aware of following the rules and customs of the countries you travel in. It's one thing to be fined, it's another thing to risk being sent away, which of course can ruin the wonderful holiday you had planned, Karin Tranberg continues.

No nightswimming
In Spain, the authorities have introduced fines for tourists who are caught buying products from street vendors without a license, and on some beaches stricter rules have been introduced.

For example, smoking on the beach in Benidorm is not allowed, just as it is forbidden to stay on the sand between midnight and seven o'clock in the morning. Here, the fines can reach up to 2,000 euros.

It can be difficult to find your way
These rules are only a few of the things you need to be aware of as a tourist. But how do you make sure you don't get off on the wrong foot and end up with a big bill?

- We always advise that you read the information about the destination that your travel agency sends out. In addition, you can keep up to date through local news media, of which in some countries there are English-language media that cater to foreigners. Finally, you should orient yourself by paying attention to the signs in the place you are staying, concludes Karin Tranberg from SOS International.

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