At the centre of the Storm:
Our 2023 Sustainability report is out now

This year's report marks a new way of thinking about sustainability. And you'll find it has gotten a graphic makeover to match.

"Whether it be storms, wildfires, heatwaves, droughts, or floods there is no doubt that the consequences of climate change are increasingly unfolding. As an international assistance company, SOS International sits at the centre of the storm as people count on us to be the helping hand when they are most in need."

Taken from CEO Jan Sigurdur's opening message in the report, the paragraph sumps up why climate change particularly impacts SOS International's business.

This year, we have taken a new approach to the report which among lots of other things includes month's work on gathering and categorising emissions data not only from SOS International's own operations but also from our supplier network. That's no mean feat.

Also, you'll find that to mark our new sustainability efforts, the report format has changed. Going forward, it will be published electronically, and we have experimented with the graphic expression to stress the new direction. Take a look and see what you think.

Key points from this year's report

  • Again this year we hit our gender equality targets on all management levels
  • The overall employee engagement score remains high
  • Our emissions data now includes emissions from suppliers
  • We have performed a so-called Double Materiality assessment which will guide the sustainability efforts in the years to come

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