Historic busy day for SOS International in the Nordics

It's no wonder if the employees at SOS International's roadside assistance alarm centres in Aarhus, Stockholm, Oslo, and Helsinki are still hearing the phones ringing in their ears. Extreme winter weather across the Nordic countries led to the 3rd of January being the busiest day ever in terms of calls to the alarm centres.

Extreme cold temperatures, dropping below 40 degrees frost in Northern Sweden, Norway, and Finland, and snowstorms in Denmark and Southern Sweden, have impacted traffic significantly. Motorists needed help starting frozen cars and getting out of snowdrifts and ditches.

On Wednesday, the 3rd of January, SOS International's roadside assistance alarm centres received over 18,000 calls from Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish drivers in need of assistance. This marks the highest number of calls in SOS International's 63-year history.

"When extreme weather hits, we immediately feel the impact at our alarm centres. The year 2024 has started with a shared challenge of snow and cold in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland, leading to a historically high number of calls," says Jan Sigurdur Christensen, CEO of SOS International.

Danish drivers made the most calls, accounting for 59 percent of all calls to the roadside assistance call centres on the 3rd of January. Sweden accounted for 19 percent, Norway 13 percent, and Finland 9 percent.

More Extreme Weather Ahead
With more than 18,000 calls, it's a significant increase from the last record-setting day. On the 1st of December 2021, over 13,000 calls were made to SOS International, also due to snow.

"At SOS International, we are preparing for more extreme weather in the future, both locally in our own countries and in the countries where we travel on holiday. It probably won't be the last time we break our own records," adds Jan Sigurdur Christensen.

The most common assistance across national borders has been towing, recovery, and jump-starts. In Sweden, SOS International has also coordinated with authorities to rescue 100 cars stranded on the motorway in Skåne.

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