Prepared for self-drive holidays and roadside assistance abroad

Summertime means self-drive holidays. SOS International is ready to assist Nordic drivers with car break downs – at home and abroad.

Knowing that the summer months June, July and August are busy months SOS International has recruited new employees for the alarm centres to be ready to handle cases concerning roadside assistance. To ensure the right assistance for international cases, refresher training has also been arranged.

Handling roadside assistance abroad can be a complicated affair, but fortunately, SOS International has built up many years of experience in all facets of the task. Among other things, it is about having a good network of partners and suppliers throughout Europe, so that the unfortunate driver can get help with towing, repair, rental car and repatriation.

Prepare the car and check your insurance
While the excitement of hitting the open road is undeniable, it's crucial to be well-prepared for the journey ahead, and car owners planning a self-drive holiday abroad can do a lot themselves to prevent breakdowns.

First, it is important to ensure that the car can travel long distances under tough conditions. Often, on a trip abroad, the car will be exposed to far greater challenges than it does on a daily basis: full packing, long stretches in heat and occasional queue driving.

SOS International recommends that you give the car an inspection at a workshop before departure.

In addition to making sure your car is ready for the trip, it is a good idea to check in advance how you are covered by your insurance to avoid unpleasant surprises. In addition, it is good to be prepared for the fact that roadside assistance abroad may take longer than you are used to at home.

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