Expat services

SOS International is ready to assist

This part of the website is for those who are posted abroad by a company or an organisation that has selected SOS International as their supplier of personal assistance and support during expatriation.

SOS International is the leading assistance organization in the Nordic region. From our emergency centres in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, we provide acute personal assistance all over the world. We are always on: 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. SOS International is ready to help you and your family anytime and anywhere in the case of illness, injury, theft or in emergency situations. We keep you updated on the best available treatment and the safety and security situation in your area.

Coverage of loss
As a rule it is your employer’s expatriation insurance that will cover you and your family in case of loss in connection with unforeseen incidents. It can be hospitalization, theft of personal belongings or luggage delay. Usually, the expatriation insurance also covers your losses if you have to travel home due to unexpected or serious illness in the immediate family. In our capacity as assistance provider for your insurance company, such cases are the responsibility of SOS International. 

Acute personal assistance in emergency situations

In case of serious illness, accident or a need for quick evacuation, please contact SOS International’s expatriation team: +45 3848 8811

If you want to file a claim on your insurance, follow the link below to our online application form for expatriates and business travellers.

File a claim

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