Is seeing a psychologist ”worth it”?

Therapy sessions with a psychologist are not merely about soft values. SOS International uses hard data to ensure their customers and clients the highest quality of psychological therapy.

Clients who receive psychological counselling through SOS International are asked to complete a questionnaire both before and after the therapy which provides SOS International an insight into their pre-therapy condition as well as the extent to which the client has “made progress" because of the therapy.

- Since 2020, we have measured the effect of our psychological therapy. We have developed a tool for the measurements that allows us to measure both the effect of the therapy and the client's level of satisfaction, says Robert Jonasen, Chief Psychologist, SOS International.

SOS International's effect measurement is based on the WHO well-being index, the so-called WHO5 chart. The questions are adapted by SOS International and, based on the answers, both the individual psychologist and the service of SOS International are assessed.

Psychological therapy increases well-being
Since the introduction of the current effect measurement in 2020, 500 clients have voluntarily responded. The results show that, on average, psychological therapy improves clients' well-being by 60 percent.

The psychologists in the SOS International network receive a rating of 5.8 and the service of SOS International is rated at 6.1 on a scale of 1-7.

- Having a tool that enables us to ensure a high quality is important to us. At the same time, it is important to us that the effect measurement we use provides us with as objective an assessment as possible. Therefore, the choice to seek answers to the questions entirely outside the room shared by the client and the psychologist is deliberate, says Robert Jonasen.


  • SOS International uses an effect measurement in connection with psychological therapy provided in Norway, Denmark and Sweden
  • SOS International does not measure the effect of acute psychological crisis counselling
  • The WHO-5 well-being index is a questionnaire that is widely recognised for measuring mental well-being

Advantages of effect measurements:

  • The customers can see if the therapy has an effect
  • SOS International can adapt its service to ensure high-quality therapy
  • The psychologist can adapt his or her counselling
  • Quality data aids SOS International in offering customers the optimum network of therapists

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