Latest news from SOS International

SOS International delivers quality work

SOS International delivers quality work throughout the organisation. This has once again been proven as we have tested our daily business conduct in this year’s ISO audit.

Corona causes a breakthrough for video consultations

The number of video consultations with SOS International psychologists and physiotherapists has increased significantly during the corona crisis. It is expected that distance treatment has experienced its breakthrough

Look after your mental health while working from home

Robert Jonasen, chief psychologist of SOS International explains why you may be reacting emotionally during corona times and provides some advice on how to best maintain your mental health.

COVID-19: Comprehensive preparations and timely adjustments

In the last few months, COVID-19 has affected our ways of living and it has affected industries and companies worldwide, not least SOS International.

Medical escort at work during the Corona pandemic

While nations globally closed down in March like falling dominoes, medical escort Charlotte Bach Grønlund, a trained nurse, went to Cairo to help repatriate a Danish woman with a fractured femur.

Due care and diligence secured the readiness of IT when novel corona hit

Søren Kofoed Weeke had just completed his first 100 days as the CIO of SOS International when a pandemic turned all common work routines upside down and made extreme demands on the person in charge of IT.

The number of fraud investigations is growing - SOS International trains its staff

According to new figures from the Swedish organisation Larmtjänst, the number of attempted insurance frauds has increased between 2018 and 2019. However, the industry is also getting better at investigating and reporting suspected frauds to the police.

We help drivers deliver important goods on time

Due to COVID-19, it is particularly important that certain deliveries arrive on time. Demand for healthcare materials and food, for example, requires logistics that works.

Mobility 2019: Diverse mobility services

SOS International’s business area Mobility had an annual revenue of DKK 1,018 million. 2019 counts for 1.75 million calls to our roadside assistance alarm centres in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Healthcare 2019: Nordic Growth

SOS International’s business area Healthcare had an annual revenue of DKK 76 million and in 2019, SOS International handled 30,280 cases related to healthcare services.

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