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Electric cars and self-drive holidays abroad

More and more drivers choose to invest in more environmentally friendly vehicles such as electric and hybrid cars. With this summer's self-drive holidays just around the corner, it is important to think about how to enjoy a safe and secure self-drive holiday in your electric vehicle since going abroad in your electric car requires good planning.

How to travel safely and securely in Spain

Are you going to Spain this summer? How do you travel safely and securely whether you are going on business or for pleasure with your family? We have gathered some piece of good advice here.

How to travel safely and securely in Greece

Greece is a popular summer destination for Nordic travellers, and data from SOS International's alarm centre shows that over a number of years the country has been among the top countries from which most claims are filed.

We have gathered some pieces of good advice for you and your family's safety in Greece.

How to travel safely and securely in Turkey

We have gathered some good advice for travellers' safety in Turkey.

Climate Days in SOS International: Not only a corporate issue

In SOS International we continuously work with sustainability as part of our commitment to the UN Global Compact. We want to be recognised as a socially and environmentally sound company in our industry.

City breaks: Take these steps to avoid hazardous situations during major demonstrations

Press release

It is spring, and the season for weekend, mini holiday and city break getaways is well under way. But several of the classic city break destinations this year offer political unrest and demonstrations with a risk of subsequent rioting.

Insights: Spring is equal to city breaks

Spring is the high season for city breaks. When the snow melts and the temperatures slowly begin to rise in the Nordic countries, many are tempted to travel to a warmer place for an extended weekend. Is there anyone who doesn’t dream of a café au lait at a Parisian pavement café or a picnic in Central Park in New York when the first signs of spring appear?

The 2018/2019 skiing season in numbers

Spring is around the corner and most ski tourists have packed away their skis and boots for the season. These last few months, the alarm centre has been busy. Statistically, men of 50-59 years of age in Austria have required the most assistance after having injured their knees.

This is what this year's Thailand peak season looked like in figures

Thailand is a popular destination for Nordic travellers, and every year, SOS International's alarm centre experiences a significant increase in the number of cases from Thailand from December to March.

Video psychology: Increased flexibility and accessibility to the advantage of clients

Video consultations are to contribute to increasing the accessibility and flexibility for individuals in need of psychological counselling.

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