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Unlucky tourists can now get a "house call" by a doctor at popular holiday destinations

With House Call Service, SOS International meets the need of many travellers to have a doctor visit them at their hotel or holiday home in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Insights: Babymoon and parental leave holiday

Most people are familiar with the concept of "honeymoon" - the love holiday many married couples embark on immediately after their wedding. "Babymoon", on the other hand, is a newer craze that many expecting parents follow - namely the couple's last journey as two before the baby's arrival.

Insights: Seniors are now travelling on vacation

Once the clocks are set to wintertime, the elderly part of the population likes to travel to warmer climes according to SOS International's statistics.

SOS International and Guardian in strategic partnership

Earlier this year, SOS International and Guardian entered into a strategic partnership. The collaboration means that SOS International can now offer a single point of contact for all types of assistance services, from medical assistance to management of security crises all over the world.

Health screening: A powerful tool for promoting health and prevention

Over the summer, SOS International has launched a new and improved health screening as part of its strategy to promote health. The purpose is to intelligently promote health and create value for individual employees, companies as well as insurance and pension companies.

Dengue epidemic in the Philippines: How to best protect yourself

The Philippines have declared that the country is suffering a dengue virus epidemic. Other countries in Asia are also experiencing a considerable number of cases of the virus which is transmitted through mosquito bites.

Avoid stress after your holiday

After a lovely summer holiday filled with various experiences and plenty of free time, it may be a radical change to throw yourself out in the sea of tasks, emails, meetings and deadlines. And for some, such a relaxing summer holiday can lead to increased stress sensitivity which, after the end of the holiday, triggers the development of stress symptoms if not taken care of.

Good advice for long flights

Long flights can be hard on the body and the SOS International medical practitioners have prepared a selection of good advice for travellers. Travellers, who already suffer from health problems, should always consult their medical practitioner prior to embarking on long flights.

Mental illness can be exacerbated by travel abroad

Although taking a holiday is great, travelling is a break in routines and, thus, potentially a burden for everyone – also persons with a mental illness.

SOS International succeeds in maintaining its ISO certifications

In SOS International quality, information security, data protection and compliance comprise some of the most important parameters for the success of our business. Once again, SOS International has achieved a re-certification in Quality Management (ISO9001), Environmental Management (ISO14001) and Information Security Management (ISO27001).

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